Stereoscopic Laser Graphics

Integration of 3D stereoscopic laser-projection and conventional stereoscopic video

This research project involves developing stereoscopic projections with a galvo-mirror laser projection system. In this work, we demonstrate a stereoscopic laser-based display integrating three-dimensional laser-based vector graphic into a dynamic scene generated by a conventional stereoscopic video projection system. Using laser gives many aesthetic and practical benefits over projectors such as high brightness and contrast, long range projection, virtually infinite depth of focus and depending on the choice of the laser source(s) an arbitrarily extended gamut. In this work we are using DLP link to synchronise active shutter glasses, video projector, and our laser projection system together such that synchronised laser and video projections can be achieved. This can be employed in multi-person immersive virtual reality environments such as CAVE systems or other systems which utilise stereoscopic visuals.

  • Haebich, J., Sandor, C., Cassinelli, A., Integration of stereoscopic laser-based geometry into 3D video using DLP Link synchronisation. SA ‘21: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Emerging Technologies, [12.2021].

Jayson Haebich, Alvaro Cassinelli