Cymatic Ground [2022]

An interactive installation exploring the relationship between shape, geometry, resonance and energy.

Cymatic Ground (Alvaro Cassinelli & Tobias Klein*) is a hybrid between an architectural representation and a sonic scultpture. It is an interactive model – an installation in which the audience can explore the relationship between shape, geometry, resonance and energy. This garden takes reference from the dry stone garden concept, where the absence of water is made visible through carefully composed arrangements of rocks and gravel that is raked to represent ripples and waves. The second garden is an industrial garden made from laser-cut and acid etched steel plates. It is a resonating, ephemeral garden where sand is carried as liquid flowing in reverberating patterns. The second garden is called Cymatic Ground. Combining Art and Science in interdisciplinary collaboration, we created a sonic extension of the landscape as a liquid shapeless continuum, made visible through vibrations. The work articulates the invisible frequencies within each material and shape, where energies brought into harmonies create overlaying vibration, agitation and movement. These natural frequencies show the interplay between geometry and sound. Like the coastal lines are slowly shaped by the energies carried by the waves of the ocean, the vibrations in the Cymatic Ground uncover the invisible patterns of energies flowing through the landscape

Exhibition History

  • The Three Gardens(*), by Tobias Klein & Alvaro Cassinelli (on the Second Garden), Oil Street Art Space [24.5.2022 — 30.10.2022]

(*) The work features 4 large CNC milled stone sculptures (MetaMorph I-IV), a sound installation in collaboration with @alvarocassinelli (Cymatic Grounds), and an app allowing the creation of endless virtual gardens. Thanks to the team at Oil Street Art Space @oilstreetartspace and the wonderfully help from @tobiastang and @josephchandesign.

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