A study of the dreams of people with traumatic childhood experiences

We are trying to better understand the dreams of people with traumatic childhood experiences. This research was approved by the Ethics Committee of the City University of Hong Kong.

We are recruiting participants for this study now.

Complete a quick, 10-15 minute anonymous screening survey and upload some of your dream reports to see if you are eligible for the main study.

The link of the survey(English): https://forms.gle/H1bsEBNZBvWbppMG8

这个问卷的链接(简体中文): https://forms.gle/8FT5voQ3Rnc7SiVb8

這個問卷的連結(繁体中文): https://forms.gle/oxxLc9REFCtqfuds9


A. With at least one of the following experiences before your 18th birthday: 1)emotionally or physically abused by any family member; 2) mentally or physically neglected by any family member; 3) witness any family member being emotionally or physically abused; 4)parental separation/divorce; 5)death of a parent; 6) living with any family member who has mental illnesses or alcohol abuse or drug addiction; 9)living with any family member who was ever sent to jail; 10)being bullied in school or society; 11) witness someone being beaten up, stabbed, shot or commit suicide in real life; 12) You, your family member, or close friends got hurt by nature disasters, war, terrorism, social conflict, and criminal groups such as gangs or bandits.

B. Experienced bad dreams (dreams that make you feel unpleasant, and elicit negative emotions in you) If you meet the requirements for participating in the main study, you will be contacted within 2 working days after submitting this screening survey. Participants who are invited to participate in the main study and complete it will receive $600HKD(or an equivalent amount of money in their home currency) as thanks for their efforts! The main study is also an anonymous online survey. You only need to complete some questionnaires surveying your mental health and submit 21 dream reports. ****If you have any questions about this questionnaire, you can send an email to cliu394-c@my.cityu.edu.

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