Cymatic Ground [2022]

A story of rocks, vibrations, emergence, and harmonies by Alvaro Cassinelli & Tobias Klein

AR Dream Machine

Introducing a system to simulate individuals’ dream and to perform AR-compassion focus therapy to people with excessive self-criticism

Radiant Soma

2021. This project is a collaboration with artist Eugenia Kim to explore creating a “body” for dance and movement data that has been collected via methods


2021. This artwork is concerned with the notion of presence conveyed through physical absence, and the minimal threshold of technological simulation that can produce the feeling

Perfect Selfies

2021. Trained with profile pictures collected from dating apps for gay men, the artist and the artificial intelligence (AI) collaborate to generate a series of images.


2021. HORIZON is an interactive audiovisual piece created for the 360 stereoscopic panorama Gallery in the school of creative media in CityU.


2021. An interactive installation designed for the 360° projection theatre immersive system.

Interactive Immersive Projection

“Spiritual World” is an interactive immersive projection trying to build an inner world to show the self-reflection process of participants visually and show the relationship between

Viva Voce

2020-2021. This installation invites people to chat over a table. The words, freed from the speakers, begin a life of their own.

Bubalus Bubalis 16hz-44,000hz

The research based artwork Bubalus bubalis /16HZ-40,000HZ is the first of a series of works which adopts a ‘creaturely perspective’ that at once elevate more sensual,

Spiral Displays

2021~. Serial Paintings (in collaboration with Daniel Saakes) aims at revealing hidden aspects of the physical and mathematical relationship between perceived image and its material support.

Viva Voice

2021. VivaVoce invites its public to discuss around a table. As soon as a word escapes a mouth, it begins a life of its own over


2019. Bystander is an interactive film installation created based on the genuine experience of a survivor of child abuse.