Torobots \ Generative Garden

2014-2021. Humans (and a mischievous animated stone) introduce the necessary element of Chaos, while Order is maintained by three slightly opinionated robotic lanterns: the Toro-bots.


2015-2021. Unfortunately, we got a faulty batch of cameras that are too shy to look you straight in the eye. But worry not: they’ll peek at your back whenever they can.

Radiant Soma

2021. This project is a collaboration with artist Eugenia Kim to explore creating a “body” for dance and movement data that has been collected via methods such as mocap systems and processed with machine learning algorithms.

The Polyphonous Avatar

2021. This artwork is concerned with the notion of presence conveyed through physical absence, and the minimal threshold of technological simulation that can produce the feeling of the performers’s presence in the space for the audience.


2021. HORIZON is an interactive audiovisual piece created for the 360 stereoscopic panorama Gallery in the school of creative media in CityU.


2021. An interactive installation designed for the 360° projection theatre immersive system.

Large Light Field Modulator

2019-2020. This project explores scalable methods for repurposing existing fields of light (e.g. from the sun or conventional electric lights).