Chang Liu (Luna)

Liu Chang is a social science researcher and new media artist who works extensively in the field of Extended Reality(VR/AR), installation, experimental film, and 3d&2d animation. During her MFA study at the City University of Hong Kong, she was dedicated to creating artworks that could enhance the resonance among people. “Bystander”, an interactive film created by her, revealed the inner world of a child abuse survivor who suffered from depersonalization disorder. “Bystander” won the global culture prize at the Stuttgart film winter festival and was included in ifva 2019 as the finalist. Currently, she is pursuing her research and artistic creation at the City as a Phd student. Her current research focuses on the strengthening of accessibility and efficiency of compassion focus therapy by experimenting and adapting the existed therapy method with creative extended reality narratives.


  • 3D&2D Animation
  • Expanded Cinema
  • Experimental Film
  • Interactive installation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality


  • Master in Fine Arts, 2019City University of Hong Kong
  • Bachelor in Journalism, 2017Chongqing University of China