Lina Zhang

Lina Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Creative Media, under the supervision of Prof. Kening Zhu and Prof. Alvaro.
Her current research focuses on the design exploration of everyday objects. It aims to augment emotional experience in remote communication. She believes that the novel interface and design space always exist in daily items, to which people have attached rich emotions. This property can easily stir people’s imagination and augment user experience. Her research area includes the tangible user interface, robotics, wearables, and AR.

She has worked as a product designer in Shanghai. Since then, she has understood that “Design” is not only designing a tool for people to satisfy a specific demand but also designing a journey and emotional experience, like identity, dignity, engagement or enjoyment, etc., to make them live well. Therefore, her research pays attention to both the emotional experience and technology design. On another side, how to apply the experimental design or future design methods to inspire today’s life is also her research topic these days because of her study experience in graduate school.