Workshop Paper accepted at IEEE ISMAR 2022 [August 2022]

Our paper on the use of mixed reality in palliative care in Hong Kong was accepted at the ISMAR 2022 Workshop on Mixed/Augmented Reality for Mental Health. And better: it…

Lab member’ blockchain-powered solution for used car buyer protection wins bronze in the Fintech Olympiad 2022 [June 2022]

Lab members Daniel Eckhoff and Jayson Haebich received bronze at the 2022 Fintech Olympics for their blockchain-based solution, LemonT, which aims to bring trust, assurance and authenticity back to the…

AMLab to Present at ISEA 2022 [June 2022]

PhD candidate Chang Liu presents her work “A Mixed Reality Installation to Elicit Reflexivity on Adverse Childhood Experiences” at ISEA 2022 (Barcelona, Spain).